BATtle Cancer Bats Coming Soon In August

BATtle Cancer

by | Aug 4, 2017 |

In the late Summer of 2014, just as I launched ProXR and our innovative angled knob baseball bat, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. One year later my lovely wife Jill was diagnosed with breast cancer. We both had successful treatment and to date we’re cancer free, due in large part to early detection. Early detection helped save our lives and it can do the same for others – perhaps even for you or someone you love.

Our pink and blue ProXR “BATtle Cancer” bat features our pioneering angled knob technology, while reminding family and friends to get regular cancer screenings. For every ProXR BATtle Cancer bat sold, $15 will go to the Siteman Cancer Center to help increase awareness for regular screenings. Early detection helped save our lives. Now we’re hoping to help save others’ lives too.

Hit Hard – Save Lives – BATtle Cancer with ProXR and Siteman Cancer Center.

Our Pioneering Angled Knob Design

Detail Of Our BATtle Cancer Barrel

Optional Engraving On The "Trophy" Bat