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All ProXR bats are made in the U.S. from hand-selected, split (not cut), pro-grade, straight grain northern ash. For players looking for ProXR in maple it’s coming later this year. We have an upgraded finish with gloss black lacquer on the barrel, silver branding and an unfinished handle – you get an even better feel for the bat in your hands. 

Unique to ProXR bats, our patented angled knob is carefully aligned with the grain to ensure the batters hands properly align with the grain of the bat. This feature ensures the batter contacts the ball with the proper grain of the bat ensuring optimum impact. Amazing wood grain combined with the ProXR angled knob technology and detailed craftsmanship means ProXR bats are the most advanced bats on the planet.

ProXR adult bat lengths come in 32”, 33” and 34” drop-three weight-to-length ratio.


XR-FungoA Bat –  The Ultimate Coaches Fungo Bat

ProXR Fungo

The Pro-XR Fungo bat is specifically designed for coaches who know how hitting 300 fungos per practice feels on their hands. The angled knob provides comfort, support and control like no other fungo bat. It feels like a natural extension of your hands, so when you reach out to hit the ball, the bat doesn’t fight against your swing. You’ll wear out your players before your hands ever get tired. We offer the XR-Fungo A in 35.5″ length.


XR-Y331A – The Youth Bat That Reduces Compression and Improves Grip and Control

XR_331YA_29The XR-Y331A is the youth bat parents have been asking us to make – it’s finally here. These amazing youth bats are turned from special ultra-light, pro-grade northern ash giving them a size and shape that is similar to youth metal bats without the mass of a typical wood bat. The XR-Y331A features the ProXR angled knob technology that helps young hitters develop proper grip while at the same time delivers greatly reduced compression forces in their hands. With this new youth bat, young hitters will have  improved range of motion, better bat control and a smoother more natural swing. We offer the XR-Y331A in 28″, 29″, 30″ and 31″ lengths.

XR-271A – The Precision-Hitters Bat


The XR-271 is a perfectly balanced bat, featuring a thinner handle that gradually tapers from the balanced barrel to our patented angled knob. This bat is designed for the more technical hitters who demand balance and a great degree of touch and control at the plate. Comes in 32”, 33” and 34” drop-three weight-to-length ratio.


XR-110A – Power and Precision


This is the classic 110-style hitter’s bat – well balanced with a substantial barrel and heavier handle. With the ProXR angled knob, this bat gives aggressive hitters stability and improved leverage allowing them to drive the bat all the way through the contact zone.  Comes in 32”, 33” and 34” drop-three weight-to-length ratio.

XR-243A – The Power Hitters Choice

XR_243A_34The XR-243 is the main weapon of choice for power hitters. This big barrel bat is designed to place greater mass in the barrel to generate more impact at contact. Combined with the ProXR angled knob, the XR-243 eliminates the speed bump effect of a standard knob and allows power hitters to unleash their most powerful and effective swing.  Comes in 32”, 33” and 34” drop-three weight-to-length ratio.

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 Ergonomic Bat, U.S. Patent 7,744,497