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ProXR LLC develops the most innovative, award winning, power-enabling grip technologies ever created for sports.

With total focus on connecting athletes to their greatest possible performance, we partner with the best companies in sports to enable athletes to swing, shoot and drive with more precision and power than any other grip technology available.

ProXR – Get A Grip™

ProXR Innovation Is Only Available From The Best In The Game


Thirty-5 Capital Announces New Partnership with ProXR

August 20th, 2020|

Thirty-5 Capital, a Chicago-based venture capital firm, is proud to announce a new partnership with ProXR LLC, a St. Louis-based sports technology incubator that develops, markets and licenses innovative ergonomic grip designs.

Old Hickory And ProXR Launch XR High-Performance Baseball Bats

March 6th, 2019|

Old Hickory Bat Company and ProXR, LLC announced today the launch of the XR line of premium high-performance baseball bats. The new innovative product combines Old Hickory’s premium baseball bat craftsmanship with ProXR’s pioneering sports grip technology that results in greatly enhanced hitting potential.

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