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Who Are We?

Innovation for athletes, by athletes


Founded in 2014 by Grady Phelan and recently partnered with Chicago based 35Capital, ProXR LLC is widely recognized as the leading innovator in grip technology for sports, including baseball, hockey and pickleball. ProXR licenses its bat technology to some of the best bat companies in baseball, including Dove Tail Bat, Old Hickory Bat, MaxBat, Phoenix Bats, Dinger Bats, Homewood Bats and JAW Bats. Its latest product for hockey is the TORCH™ hockey grip, and ProXR is making it’s biggest splash yet with ProXR Pickleball paddles designed heat to toe with ProXR technology. All ProXR products have been approved by the top governing bodies in sports for play in all professional and amateur sports.

Our Office

You can reach us at:

220 West Argonne Drive

Suite J

Kirkwood, MO 63122