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In 2003, I accidentally threw a baseball bat in our backyard that nearly hit my son. Seeing that bat fly by his head was all the motivation I needed to design a better grip for the bat. During the process, I’ve discovered that regular bat knobs (wood, metal or composite) generate rapid and violent compression in a batters base gripping hand during the swing. That massive compression is the root cause of almost every thrown bat and broken hamate injury in baseball. But bat knob compression isn’t just an injury threat – it’s stealing hitting performance away from every batter.

Regular bat knobs fight with the batters hands. You can see it in their hands and on every worn batting glove – it’s right there in the palm.

Whether the knob is rounded or flared, it acts like a speed bump to a batters swing. After the bat passes the intended point of contact with the ball, the hands have to roll over the knob to complete the swing. It’s that roll-over that mashes the knob into the heal of the hand. The conventional bat knob is a flawed design that every bat has – except ProXR

We’ve pioneered the next generation of high-performance bat design in the form of ProXR, an angled bat knob that is meant to be swung by batters. Based in ergonomic design, ProXR provides better grip, reduced compression, and more natural range of motion. The results? Batters get better plate coverage, more precise swings and improved transfer of power from their hands to the ball. Performance, performance, performance – it’s the elusive edge that every hitter looks for in a bat.

ProXR makes batters better hitters.

Mike Hessman First Hit With ProXR Technology In MLB History – Mets vs. Cubs, Wrigley Field



ProXR – The First & Only

The first hit with any angled knob bat (ProXR) in MLB history was by the New York Mets Mike Hessman on 9/5/10 – he’s the first player to use the ProXR technology in a regular-season game. The ProXR design is the ONLY ergonomic bat design ever used in regular season Major League Baseball.  As the innovator, ProXR earned the right to be in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown – it’s the first and  it’s the only.

Watch Mike’s hit make history at the 43 second mark – http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=11758899&c_id=mlb

Pro-XR Ergonomic Bat, U.S. Patent 7,744,497

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At the heart of every ProXR bat is the best, hand-split ash and maple found anywhere on the planet. That’s not fancy copy writing – that’s a straight-up fact. We have a long-standing relationship with the best billet company in the business, Leatherstockings Hand Split Billets based out of upstate New York. Their company is located in the heart of the best hardwood forests in North America – these guys live and breathe billets for a living. Other bat companies won’t tell their loyal customers where they source their billets, but rather than make it a big secret, we want you to know what’s at the core of all ProXR bats – the best straight-grain, hand-split billets anywhere.

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