In an earlier post, “Baseball’s Hamate Plague” we pointed out how standard bats are causing injuries to players. We casually track the number of hamate injuries in baseball at all levels but lately it seems there are more stories than usual.

The Red’s Chris Dickerson broke his hamate with a swing during a game against the Astros last week. Here’s video of the swing,(MLB HAS TAKEN THIS VIDEO DOWN BUT THE ARTICLE CONENT IS STILL AVAILABLE)

John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer interviewed Dickerson about the injury.

“I was trying to compensate,” he said, “choking up, trying to make an adjustment and make more contact. With the knob (of the bat) on bone that could have affected it. I don’t know. I’m not sure at all. I did develop a new blister working on a whipping action. That’s a big stress point for guys susceptible to hamate breaks. Sure enough, the scar is right through the callus.”

It’s interesting to note that in almost every hamate injury incident, players broke their non-dominant hand – the hand that is in direct contact with the knob. Players can use the Pro-XR technology to recover from hamate injury and they can use it to reduce the likelihood of breaking it in the first place.

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For more information on the specific anatomical mechanics of bat injuries, link and scroll down to “Hamate Fractures”