Baseball Bats Are Getting More Innovative, Thanks to This Inventor’s Curiosity

How a baseball dad set out to change America’s pastime, got the MLB on board, and overcame a lot of strikeouts to set a new baseball record.

For my family, baseball is not traditional, it is a tradition. My dad’s love for the Yankees is known by all, and the time spent with him learning how to keep score and anticipating the thrill of a homerun, make up some of the best memories I have. Of course, the fact that I married a die-hard Red Sox fan is still a point of contention after twenty-six years. But the game itself is very traditional, change is not welcome, and preserving America’s favorite pastime is something taken very seriously by those with any say-so.

Where Does Innovation Fit Into This Story?

It doesn’t. Which is what makes this story so important. I first wrote about Grady Phelan, founder and inventor at ProXR, around 2013 in one of my early blogs, and I caught up with him again recently because something amazing just happened. Red Sox player Hanley Ramirez hit a 117 MPH, 432 foot shot over the wall, breaking a Fenway Park record… and he was using a ProXR bat.

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