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Baseball's HOTTEST technology is now available in metal!

ProXR has teamed up with DTB to create the unparalleled combination of elite bat making and innovative handle design to create the premium metal bat in the baseball industry today

ProXR ONE™, ProXR Icon™. ProXR EPIC™.

We now have not one, but THREE ProXR models so that every player can build their bat to their exact specifications.

The Science

ProXR is designed with a 23° angle, which mimics the shape of the human hand, creating the perfect connection between the hitter and the bat. 

Round knobs cause compression in the hand, leading to decreased performance as well as hand injuries, specifically to the hamate bone. Players such as Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Ramirez have missed serious time with this injury.

"Speed Bump Effect"

Round knobs on the bottom of the bat don’t only cause compression, but also a “speed bump” in a hitters swing. When swinging a bat with a round knob, a hitter is forced to turn their wrists over the knob, throwing off their swing path and causing a loss in force of the swing at the most important moment of the swing – the moment of contact. This results in lower exit velo and sweet spot % for hitters.

"Is it like the Axe Bat?"

No! While Axe Bat is also an asymmetric handle, it is not ergonomically designed. 

If you think about swinging an ax, it is meant to stop at impact when you hit the target. However, baseball swings go THROUGH contact. That is why we designed ProXR to swing like a baseball bat, not a tool. 

The Results

The Results speak for themselves. Check out how some of your favorite Big League players played in their first season with a ProXR handle!

The Feedback

Don’t believe us? Watch these videos from the Baseball Bat Bros!

ProXR vs Axe

Hitting with a ProXR

Hitting with ProXR Metal

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