Baseball’s Broken Hamate Plague

FACT: The design of the conventional baseball bat knob is the root cause of every broken hamate injury and thrown bat in baseball. April 27, 2019 – UPDATE - Opening Day Breaks Opening day of [...]

Pro-XR Ergonomic Baseball Bat

Pro-XR is the only patent pending ergonomic bat technology that gives batters quicker hands, improved grip, better plate coverage, smoother swing and actually helps reduce injuries to the hand. All other baseball bats are created equal.

Baseball’s Hamate Plague

We met this player while testing the Pro-XR with a team from a local junior college (National Champions the prior year). The knob on his $300 high-performance bat had worn through his batting [...]

The Ergonomic Bat Testing – 2006

The Pro-XR ergonomic bat technology was invented, tested and is being patented by Giant Project Inc. This presentation overviews the results from testing conducted in 2006.

Baseball Bats Are Getting More Innovative, Thanks to This Inventor’s Curiosity – Inc. Magazine

I first wrote about Grady Phelan, founder and inventor at ProXR, around 2013 in one of my early blogs, and I caught up with him again recently because something amazing just happened. Red Sox player Hanley Ramirez hit a 117 MPH, 432 foot shot over the wall, breaking a Fenway Park record... and he was using a ProXR bat.

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