how to hack insaniquarium

Insaniquarium Deluxe Hacked

If you’ve trained, play this level is advantageous because a large prize. Continue to collect money until you can buy the egg first. It will not be too long if you already have ultravore.

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  • In challenging mode, the player can choose more than four random fish and try to survive all.
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Tanks 1-4 have five levels but Tank 5 has only one level in which a player must beat Cyrax, the final boss in order to complete the game. What does Insaquarium Deluxe Edition do? Collect coins to get better food, new fish and awesome weapons — then use those weapons on the extraterrestrial boss beasts, or you’ll be sunk in an empty tank! -Keep your aquarium food chain balance. -Protect your fish from a monster attack.

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The player must feed the fish and protect them from any aliens who may attempt to eat them. If you buy a guppy from the virtual tank store and name it “Santa” it will sing christmas songs and drop bags of shells. This will be a complete walkthrough for Insaniquarium Deluxe! Here you will find guides such as gameplay videos and walkthroughs for all levels, including our Insaniquarium Deluxe! Tips, cheats and solutions, all the way through to the end.

In the virtual tank, buy a regular guppy and name it ‘Santa’. The fish will become white with red fins; grow quicker than usual; have a Christmas-related biography and play Christmas songs every now and then. Buying a standard (non-colored) guppy and naming it “Santa” turns it into a special fish. He is white with red fins, plays Christmas songs, grows FAST, and drops Bag o Shells. After the second attack, switch Presto to Meryl.

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Guppies to medium size & about a minute to reach large with proper feeding. Producing shells while they’re happy to help supplement your wallet. Insaniquarium Deluxe contains nine aliens, while the Java version has four. To defeat the aliens, you must click on them repeatedly using the mouse pointer. I have so many fond memories of this game.


Create your tank and keep your fish happy and swimming. You can decorate tank with different accessories. Take care of fish by feeding and caring and play mini-games. Share your creation with your fellows and spend your rare pearls on customization of the aquarium.

There is also a cheat that you can enter in the main menu . Type the Give and you will be able to send shells from one player to the other player. In Insaniquarium, there are some that you can type the cheat while playing for a certain effect on the aquarium. Therefore, from last I recommend playing quickly so you can finish it before aliennya more difficult.

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