Would you wear spikes that make you slower or hurt your feet? Would you use a glove that you can’t get the ball out of the pocket quickly? No? So why do you use a bat that keeps you from reaching your peak swing performance? The knob of the bat you use today is literally in your way and slowing down your swing. It’s a speed bump to reaching your most powerful and accurate swing.

The kind of wood, the brand of bat and how you hold it are personal preferences. But if you, like the majority of ball players, hold the bat down on the knob, you’re not getting the most out of your swing. The knob is stealing your power potential every time you take a cut and until now, you didn’t have a choice.

This is what the knob does to your swing.

If you watch slow motion replays of batters during games, you can see it every time a player takes a swing. Just at the point of contact, as the batter extends the bat, their front elbow lifts ever so slightly skyward and their bottom wrist bends awkwardly. Their hand is being forced to roll over the knob which is taking power and accuracy away from their swing.

It’s not rocket science – just applied ergonomics. We tested the difference between a standard bat knob and our patented Pro-XR knob in a medical lab. The results showed a 20 percent reduction in pressure to the palm of the hand. Removing the speed bump from your swing allows the hands to naturally follow through and the result is the smoothest swing in baseball.  Ask your bat rep or sporting goods bat expert about the Pro-XR technology – your best swing is coming soon!