Purchase ProXR Bats Directly From Our Partner Bat Companies.

World Class Bat Makers

We started with one visionary partner and within a year others asked about joining our team. It’s no accident that the best bat craftsmen chose ProXR over any other bat knob design.

Best-In-Class Performance

Not all players are the same and not all bat companies are the same. We Brought together the best bat makers in the game to ensure players have the freedom to choose their brand AND have access to the best performing grip technology in the game.

You Choose Your Brand

We believe the players are loyal to their brand of bat – unless something better comes along. Why should you have to choose a different bat brand just to get the performance you want? We say let the market choose – players should have access to the technology they want on their bat brand of choice.


When players first grasp the bat with the knob against the hand , it’s comfortable. BUT, when the player swings the bat the angle of the bat against the hand changes and the knob compresses into the batters hand causing compression, resistance to the natural range of motion of the hand. We angled the knob to match how the hand moves.

Since the knob and handle now align with the hand during the swing and the players grip is fully engaged, players get better control over the bat. The results? quicker hands, better barrel control, increased bat speed, better plate coverage, more consistent launch angle, more consistent spin rate and most importantly, more power.

In a rotational swing, the hands must cross over the central axis of the bat, stick, club, paddle or racket. When it does, the handle and knob compress into the base gripping hand and ultimately slowing the athletes swing. Conventional handles and knobs act like a speed bump to swing performance.

At first glance it might look like a tool handle – it’s not . Axe handles are oval in cross section and designed for a swing that ends at contact – like chopping wood. Rotational sports swings go through intended contact and around the athletes body, so we designed ProXR round to work with a rotational swing.

Major leaguers, minor leaguers, college players, high school players and little leaguers. Specifically? Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil, Cedric Mullins, Jose Ramirez, Tyler O’Neill, Brett Phillips, Kolten Wong, Kennan Wong, Carlos Correa, Hanley Ramirez, Matt Adams, Prince Fielder, Mike Hessman, Jason Martin, Josh Bell, Francisco Cervelli and many many more – so many players pick up ProXR we’re having a tough time keeping track!