New Ballgame: Grady Phelan’s Baseball Bat

Grady Phelan was out back, tossing up hickory nuts and launching them out of his yard with a baseball bat, an annual family tradition. On one swing, the bat came flying out of his hands and nearly hit one of his sons in the head. “It really got my attention,” he says. Then he noticed a big bruise on his hand.

Phelan did a little research and learned that as a hitter swings, the knob gets in the way. Bat knobs have even broken the hamate bone in players’ wrists. So Phelan invented what he calls the ProXR (, a bat with an angled knob, designed to prevent injuries by contouring to a hitter’s natural range of motion. And that allows for a more fluid swing. In short, it can keep you from getting hurt, and help you hit better, too.