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ProXR LLC develops the most innovative, award winning, power-enabling grip technologies ever created for sports.

With total focus on connecting athletes to their greatest possible performance, we partner with the best companies in sports to enable athletes to swing, shoot and drive with more precision and power than any other grip technology available.

ProXR – Get A Grip™

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Jay Williamson Joins ProXR, LLC Board of Directors

May 24th, 2017|

ProXR, LLC (ProXR), a St. Louis athletic technology startup, announced that Jay Williamson, president of The Gottlieb Organization/Wealth Solutions of St. Louis and former PGA Tour and current PGA Champions golfer, has joined ProXR’s board of directors.

Grant Helps Bat Maker Stay In The Game – Wells Fargo

October 20th, 2015|

Grady Phelan redesigned the knob on a baseball bat — an innovation for a product that hasn't changed much in 130 years. He was one of five grand prize winners in a Wells Fargo Works Project contest.

Building A Better Baseball Bat – Webster Kirkwood Times

October 1st, 2015|

True Americans (i.e., baseball fans) know the most beautiful product of the wood turner's art is not a bowl or a bed knob, but a baseball bat. The elegant simplicity of its tapered form delights the eye, drawing it along the length of the barrel to the knob, where the shape concludes in a subtle curl, like the capital of a Doric column.

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