Handle Technology For Sports

From Major League Baseball to the Pickleball courts of America, ProXR is the technology that delivers optimum athletic performance.

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More Spin, Better Control,
Quicker Reloading at the Net

Your old school paddle is about to become obsolete. ProXR’s is redefining the sport of pickleball through the most innovative technology to ever hit the sport. Using our patented ergonomically designed handle, ProXR developed a paddle that gives players more leverage in their hand to create more spin and power with every shot. This leverage also allows players to reload quicker at the net when they are in those quick back and forth rallies at the kitchen! 


The handle design and orientation also will provides another advantage by keeping a player’s grip in the right spot at all times, giving them the distinct advantage of having more consistency and control on their shots. Learn more about ProXR Pickleball and how you can immediately improve your game through the revolutionary technology that was pioneered for baseball and hockey and has now taken the pickleball world by storm.
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Grip is the primary connection between an athlete and their performance. ProXR grip technologies make connections that perform with increased power, precision and protection. GET A GRIP!

Performance You Can Handle​

The Baseball Is Better With ProXR.

See how we’ve helped ambitious clients achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Ground Breaking Innovation

Developed through rigorous testing, design evolution, extensive athlete feedback, and relentless pursuit of perfection.

Reduced Compression

The unique structures of ProXR’s designs disperse compression and support the hand giving athletes a more natural and productive grip connection.

Increased Performance

With optimized grip connections and designs made specifically for each sport, ProXR delivers ultimate control, precision, and power.

Inclusive Growth

With optimized grip connections and designs made specifically for each sport, ProXR delivers ultimate control, precision, and power.