Your bat shouldn't do this to your most important tools.

We met this player while testing the Pro-XR with a team from a local junior college (National Champions the prior year). The knob on his $300 high-performance bat had worn through his batting glove and opened up a 1/8” deep hole in the heel of his hand – and this was only the first week of spring training! Bad luck? Poor swing mechanics? We don’t think so.

Want to see more evidence that bats are injuring players? Here’s a link to a Google image search for broken hamate. Check it out. Then ask yourself if you’re prepared for surgery and 6 weeks in rehab because your bat crushed your hamate.

Oversized, bell-shaped, flared, wood or metal – the knob of every bat you’ve ever owned performs the same way. Those bats weren’t designed to work with your hand, they were designed to be made on a lathe. Technology that basically hasn’t changed in over two hundred years! Get your hands on the future of baseball now, get your hands on a Pro-XR.

Five Reasons Your Bat Is Beating Up Your Hands

1. Your hands are meant to hold the bat, not fight with the knob

2. Standard knobs are limited by old technology, not ergonomics

3. You need quality time in the cage but your bat needs to be replaced

4. Gloves can’t protect your hands from this kind of abuse

5. You never knew any better – until now!

Share your story about your hand injury. You never know, you may get a free bat if we like it enough.