ProXR Bat Wins ‘Best of Show’ at American Baseball Coaches Association Convention

Michael, Grady & Brian Phelan Man The ProXR Booth At The ABCA

ST. LOUIS (Feb. 4, 2011) – The ProXR bat made its official debut into the baseball market at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) convention in Nashville. ProXR came away from the January event with the prestigious Best of Show Award for its innovative new angled bat knob technology. ProXR was chosen from a number of new cutting-edge baseball products showcased at the ABCA, the largest baseball convention in the world . “This ProXR design may very well permanently change the baseball bat as we know it!” said John Pinkman in Collegiate Baseball Magazine.

“This Best of Show recognition from the ABCA convention confirms that ProXR is the real deal,” said Grady Phelan, developer of the ProXR bat technology.  “Now we’re eager to get the bat into the hands of more players so they can discover what the smoothest swing in baseball feels like.”

New designs and innovations that challenge the status quo of traditional baseball equipment, especially with something as sacred as the baseball bat, face extraordinary scrutiny and skepticism from players, coaches and baseball purists. But as a new design that received its U.S. patent in 2010, the ProXR bat knob has experienced unprecedented acceptance at the highest level of baseball. This past season ProXR was successfully used in major league games by New York Mets Mike Hessman and Milwaukee Brewers All-Star power hitter Prince Fielder.

“A standard bat knob acts like a speed bump to a batter’s swing by causing excessive pressure and compression in the batter’s bottom hand,” said Phelan. “The ProXR bat knob is ergonomically designed to work with the hands through the entire swing and dramatically reduce the speed bump effect. This enables batters to achieve their most effective and natural swing with quicker hands, better plate coverage and more precise control.  All of this translates into better cuts, more power and stronger at-bats.”

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