Pro-XR is the only patented ergonomic bat technology that gives batters a responsive swing, precise control, quicker hands, improved grip, better plate coverage, smoother swing and actually helps reduce injuries to the hand. All other baseball bats are not created equal. They all have knobs that crush the bottom hand during the swing, forcing the batter to work around the knob  – it’s called the “speed-bump effect”.

The Pro-XR ergonomic design aligns the angle of the knob to the natural motion of the batters hands throughout the entire swing. We tested the Pro-XR knob against other standard knobs and found that the ergonomic design of Pro-XR actually reduced destabilizing pressure to the hand by almost 25%. By effectively reducing pressure to the hand the Pro-XR actually gives batters a pure, smooth, seamless swing – no speed bumps. Pro-XR ergonomic bat technology turns batters into hitters with the smoothest swing in baseball.