ProXR takes 4th Place Out of 4,500 at Under Armour Future Show

BALTIMORE — Think of this as Under Armour meets American Idol.

Except the idol who walks off with the Big Prize isn’t a singer. But a thinker. A thinker who concocted an outside-the-box running shirt that lights up in the dark because the runner’s motion makes enough LED energy — activated by magnets — to illuminate it.

USA TODAY was invited behind the scenes to observe this “Future Show” competition hosted by Under Armour, the athletic apparel maker known for its innovative but pricey sports gear. The contest lures inventors from across the nation — all hoping to catch the eye of Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, who started his $2 billion company 17 years ago by innovating a shirt for athletes that pulls moisture away from the body to keep them dry.