Taped Bat With Pennies

If you crack the handle of your wood bat but don’t break it completely, don’t toss it in the fire just yet. Lightly moisten the broken area with water, press in a generous amount of wood glue (Gorilla Glue is good stuff), then clamp it, wipe off the excess glue and let it set overnight.

In the morning, tape the crack on the handle, then tape the barrel with one layer of athletic tape. Next, apply a layer of tape with pennies, spaced every 1/2 inch. Start taping one and a half inches from the end of the barrel working your way down about eight to ten inches – use about 50 to 70 pennies depending on your weight preference. Make sure you overlap the tape one half an inch on each rotation and then tape the final layer to secure the pennies. Oh yea, “heads up” on the pennies, meaning stick them facing the tape – it just makes cents.

Now you’ve got a well-balanced, weighted bat to take your practice cuts and do your tee work with – don’t take regular batting practice with a repaired bat though. You can always add pennies to a regular bat if you want to take batting practice with a weighted bat. Your teammates will be all over your new warm-up bat.

Thanks to John Allman for sharing his innovation with us.