Thirty-5 Capital Announces New Partnership with ProXR

CHICAGO, Aug. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Thirty-5 Capital, a Chicago-based venture capital firm, is proud to announce a new partnership with ProXR LLC, a St. Louis-based sports technology incubator that develops, markets and licenses innovative ergonomic grip designs. With products targeting baseball, hockey, golf and others, ProXR has a potential market size of over 60 million athletes in North America.

“I’m excited to lead the growth of ProXR’s brand. The products they’ve developed are precisely what athletes around the world are searching for – innovations that improve performance and increase power,” said Ron Saslow, founder and president of Thirty-5 Capital. “ProXR has 15 years of proven product innovation, so this is an exciting opportunity to use our strategic leadership to elevate this enterprise to the next level.”

“For ProXR, this relationship with Thirty-5 Capital represents the inflection point we’ve been building toward,” said Grady Phelan, founder and president of ProXR. “Ron brings international business leadership and focused corporate vision to this venture. ProXR will do for hands what Nike did for feet.”

A three-way partnership will lead ProXR with the addition of Dr. Robert Morley, a long-time ProXR investor and board member. Dr. Morley, a retired professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, is a prolific innovator in his own right as co-inventor of the digital hearing aid and inventor of the Square card reader.

Mr. Saslow will become Chief Commercial Officer focusing on marketing and expansion into global markets. Mr. Phelan will become Chief Innovation Officer focusing on product innovation and development.

About Thirty-5 Capital: Founded by Ron Saslow, Thirty-5 Capital is a venture capital firm helping startup and early stage businesses grow through the strategic infusion of capital and leadership. Mr. Saslow has lead Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company for 20 years as president, chairman & CEO, leading the company to tremendous growth, organically and through acquisition. By 2019, sales exceeded $225M worldwide.

About ProXR LLC: Founded in 2014 by Grady Phelan, ProXR LLC is widely recognized as the leading innovator in grip technology for sports. ProXR is the first angled grip baseball bat ever used in Major League Baseball. ProXR licenses its bat technology to some of the best bat companies in baseball. For more information, visit,, and